Friday December 14th, 2018
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Governance & Operation

BASSC adheres to a two-tier governance and operational system per its Article of Joint Agreement (revised and ratified in 2012). Per Illinois statute, the primary oversight of BASSC falls to its Governing Board. In 2012, the Articles of Joint Agreement, which is the document that binds its 23 member districts was revised. 

The following are excerpts from these articles:

The Governing Board is composed of one Board of Education member from each of its 23 member districts who have been selected to serve as a Governing Board member. The Governing Board is authorized to delegate to its Executive Board the authority to manage particular operations of the cooperative, but always has the right to reserve to itself the full authority to continue to govern BASSC.

The Governing Board shall seek the advice of the Executive Board on matters pertaining to employment and budget.

The Governing Board shall appoint an Executive Board, consisting of each of the superintendents of the 23 member districts. It shall also appoint a Chair Person, a Vice Chair Person , and a Member at Large. The Executive Board shall likewise appoint a Chair Person and a Vice Chair, and shall carry out management functions of the day-to-day operations of BASSC. The Executive Board meetings are monthly. 

In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, the minutes of open meetings are available for public inspection within seven days after they are approved by the respective Boards of the Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative, and will be kept on the BASSC website for no less than 60 days.


The Governing Board and the Executive Board members are as follows:

Governing Board


Executive Board

Ms. Connie Elmore 
Wesclin Community Unit District #3

Mrs. Pamela Leggans
Lebanon School District #9

Ms. Katie Nelson
Mascoutah School District #19

Mr. Ron Musenbrook
St. Libory School District #30

Mr. Jim Heil
Marissa Community Unit District #40

Mr. Terry Hamon
New Athens School District #60

Mr. Andy Bittle
Freeburg School District #70

Mrs. Vicky Staub
Freeburg H.S. District #77

Mrs. Kelly Waldrup
Shiloh Village School District #85

Mrs. Rebecca Huller
O’Fallon School District #90
Chairperson Governing Board

Mrs. Laurie Burian
Central of O’Fallon District #104

Mr. Tom Bostick
Pontiac-Holliday School District #105

Mrs. Carla Randolph
Grant Comm. Consolidated District #110

Mr. Doug Gray
Wolf Branch School District #113

Mr. Sean McKee
Whiteside School District #115

Mr. Javis Taylor
High Mount School District #116

Ms. Kenya Logan
Belleville School District #118

Mrs. Karen Kunz
Belle Valley School District #119

Mr. Ed Farley
Smithton School District #130

Mr. Gary Huwer
Millstadt School District #160

Mr. Robert Phillips
Harmony-Emge School District #175
Vice-Chairperson Governing Board

Mrs. Donna Dougherty
Signal Hill School District #181

Mr. Mike Eiskant
Belleville H.S. District #201



Mrs. Jennifer Filyaw, Superintendent
Wesclin Community Unit District #3
Chairperson Executive Board

Mr. Patrick Keeney, Superintendent
Lebanon Community Unit District #9

Dr. Craig Fiegel, Superintendent
Mascoutah Community Unit District #19

Dr. Thomas Rude, Superintendent
St. Libory Consolidated District #30

Dr. Kevin Cogdill, Superintendent
Marissa Community Unit District #40

Mr. Brian Karraker, Superintendent
New Athens Community Unit District #60

Mrs. Tomi Diefenbach, Superintendent
Freeburg Comm. Cons. District #70

Mr. Greg Frerking, Superintendent
Freeburg High School District #77

Mr. Dale Sauer, Superintendent
Shiloh Village School District #85

Mrs. Carrie Hruby, Superintendent
O’Fallon Community Cons. District #90

Mrs. Dawn Elser, Superintendent
Central of O’Fallon School #104

Dr. Julie Brown, Superintendent
Pontiac/Wm. Holliday District #105

Mr. Matt Stines, Superintendent
Grant Comm. Consolidated District #110

Mr. Scott Harres, Superintendent
Wolf Branch District #113

Mrs. Peggy Burke, Superintendent
Whiteside School District #115
Vice-Chairperson Executive Board

Mr. Mark Halwachs, Superintendent
High Mount District #116

Mr. Matt Klosterman, Superintendent
Belleville Public Schools #118

Mr. R. Dane Gale, Superintendent
Belle Valley School District #119

Dr. Ryan Wamser, Superintendent
Smithton Community Cons. District #130

Mr. Jonathan Green, Superintendent
Millstadt Consolidated District #160

Dr. Pam Leonard, Superintendent
Harmony-Emge School District #175

Dr. Janice Kunz, Superintendent
Signal Hill School District #181

Dr. Jeff Dosier, Superintendent
Belleville High School District #201


2018-2019 Board Meeting Dates
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