Tuesday February 20th, 2018
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Forms, Templates & Documents


Anticipated Post-Secondary Services Codes
EEC/LRE Code Directions (Educational Environment Code) 
Exit Codes
Policy Regarding Behavioral Interventions for Students with Disabilities
IEP Amendment Summary Form
Parent Rights - Procedural Safeguards
Parent Rights Guide in Spanish
Parents Guide (Understanding Educational Rights & Responsibilities)
Request for Student Assistance 
Request for RtI Response to Intervention Assistance
Revocation of Consent Form             
Services Plan (ISP) - Private/Parochial Students
Tracking Form

Tracking forms must be filled out immediately following IEP meetings or when changes are needed. 

 BASSC and it's member districts utilize the PowerIEP program for completing and maintaining IEP paperwork.

Annual Review Forms
IEP Forms

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